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Our Wizard of Oz script is a fairly faithful re-telling of the original story by L. Frank Baum, but with a pantomime twist giving enough audience participation, slapstick, song and dance to please children and adults alike.

We follow the antics of Dorothy and her new friends, Scarecrow, Tin-man and Lion as they navigate through the magical world of Oz to find the Wizard in the hope of fulfilling all their dreams. 

They are watched over every step of the way by the good witch Glinda and pursued by the Wicked Witch of the West who has her own plans for Dorothy and the magic red shoes upon her feet.


Will Scarecrow be clever enough, Tin-man loyal enough and Lion brave enough to overcome all the problems they face together? Will they be able to cross the magic poppy fields and can they escape the dangers waiting for them in the spooky woods? 

Will anyone know how to help Dorothy to find her way back home? Things don't look good for them but in the spirit of pantomime, goodness and true friendship will always win in the end! 'Oh yes it will!' 

Join in the fun with our merry band in the land of Oz. Shout, sing and laugh along as Dorothy's adventure unfolds 'over the rainbow!' 


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Cast  (Please note there is no 'Dame' character)

Uncle Henry/ Wizard of Oz
Aunty Em/ Glinda
Miss Miserlee/ Eveleene
Andy/ Scarecrow
Sandy/ Tin-man
Bob/ Lion
Ensemble/Chorus M/F 6 mimimum
Juveniles (Munchkins)

 If required the roles of Uncle Henry, the Wizard and Aunty Em, Glinda could be cast individually.

Check out the additional Supplementary Scenes for The Wizard of Oz script created to suit the requirements of a larger cast, 

Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: On the Farm in Kansas 
Scene 2: In a Field in Kansas
Scene 3: In Munchkin Town
Scene 4: In a Field in Oz
Scene 5: In a Forest in Oz
Scene 6: In the poppy Fields in Oz 
Scene 7: Outside the Gates of the Emerald City


Scene 1: Inside the Emerald City 
Scene 2: In the Creepy Forest 
Scene 3: In the Witches Castle 
Scene 4: In a field in Oz 
Scene 5: Inside the Emerald City
Scene 6: In a field in Oz 
Scene 7: Finale (Choice of scenes)


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