Crazy Fox Pantomimes


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This classic tale is given a 'Crazy Fox style' jolly and quirky retelling where knock-about comedy, laughs and poignancy go hand in hand in describing the story of how a young girl finds true love and a Beast finds redemption.

Our story will introduce you to Allura, and scene by scene you can follow the consequences of the enchantment she has cast...


Meet Belle and her father Beaumont (who never meant to get anyone into trouble!) both trying to do what they believe is right.                                                       

Follow Jack the Lad as he tries to keep an eye on the devious plans of Ivor and his downtrodden sidekick, Boyle. Join his misadventures in avoiding the unwelcome attentions of Sally Spout the cook at the Beast's castle who seems to be talking gobbledegook! "Oh yes she is!" 


Nothing is quite what it seems as all our characters do their best to navigate through the situations in which they find themselves. Little by little everyone's journey leads to satisfactory conclusions... well maybe not for everybody!


As in all good pantomimes, everyone should live happily ever after. (Well almost everyone!) We're not telling but you can read the script for yourself and find out!

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Belle Principal Girl
Beast/Prince Principal Boy
Jack the Lad Comic Lead
Sally Spout  Dame
Ivor Villain
Boyle Sidekick
Mam'selle Cloche Housekeeper to Beast  
Beaumont  Belle's Father
Ensemble/Chorus 2M/4F

 Allura                                               Enchantress

Find out about the availability of  additional Supplementary Scenes to satisfy the requirements of  a larger cast.                                                                    

3 Mainstage scenes and 2/4 FOT/Downstage


Scene 1: In the Town 
Scene 2: In the Countryside 
Scene 3:  In the Castle 
Scene 4: In the Countryside 
Scene 5: In the Town 




ACT II                            

Scene 1: In the Castle 
Scene 2: In the Countryside 
Scene 3: In the Castle 
Scene 4: In the Countryside 
Scene 5: In the Castle Gardens 
Scene 6: In the Countryside 
Scene 7: In the Castle Gardens (FINALE) 







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