Crazy Fox Pantomimes

About Crazy Fox Pantomimes

Crazy Fox pantomimes are principally written by Celia Fox, with additional material by Graham Gibson. They met and first worked together 1986 subsequently writing and directing various pantomimes. Celia also wasn't averse to applying the Leichner number 3 and slapping a thigh herself... while Graham was partial to wearing the odd frock and wig and entertaining audiences as pantomime dame! Oh those were the days... but long ago!  

We are passionate and proud of this amazing British tradition of pantomime and love being a small part in it's continued success. We still get excited every time one of our scripts comes to life on stage. All our scripts are regularly updated to keep them fresh and current. As well as the scriptwriters, we are lucky to be able to call on talented people with the IT skills, creative and theatre skills and business advice who all make up the Crazy Fox Team. 


Our scripts are full length, traditional in style with all the expected pantomime conventions: recognisable characters, slapstick, visual gags, jokes, silly word play and scope for poking fun at local references in every script. That said, we always manage to sneak in plenty of nods to modern life. "Oh yes we do!"

NOTE: All our preview scripts are written for between six to ten principals and an ensemble/chorus (singers/dancers and juveniles). However, for those requiring a script for a larger cast, we have a large variety of additional supplementary short scenes (Comedy Sketches) available for any script which will provide extra speaking roles if required or adapt for smaller professional casts. The short comedy sketches are edited and adapted to fit seamlessly into the script of your choice. Click here for details of Supplementary Scenes  We are happy to work with you to create a script that exactly suit your needs. This is part of our service and comes at no extra cost. You only have to ask and we will create a script to suit you- it's what we do!We will adapt any of our scripts to suit a cast of six to thirty six! We also offer a suggested songs selection for most scripts and technical details if required. Just ask if you are interested.
















Hello and welcome! We offer family friendly scripts in a traditional style. We are happy to adapt any script to suit your requirements - just ask! Professional Companies price on request only. (see 'Contact' for further details)