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Poor Cinderella finds life is turned upside by her malicious, social climbing stepmother and spiteful ugly step sisters! 


She needs help... maybe a Fairy Godmother? It sounds like a plan... if this Fairy Godmother can just manage to get to grips with modern media and get her act together!


 Buttons, Cinderella's loyal friend and valet to her father, always does his best to help her, and also does his best to make life a misery for the stepsisters… and is usually good at both! 

There are comic escapades whenever Buttons and the ugly sisters are together. Despite the best efforts of the Baroness to turn her two dreadful daughters into ladies with dignity and decorum, their peevish and self-centred behaviour shows their true colours with hilarious consequences!


Meanwhile, Cinderella dreams of a better life that she feels she will never find. Could it be possible that a meeting with a strange old lady and a handsome young man in the woods might just lead to an opportunity for her to leave her troubles behind and live happily ever after? 


Can Buttons escape the unwanted attentions and demands of Cinderella's dreadful step-sisters...


… and find a way to have fun at their expense? 

Can love win in the end or will the stepmother and unspeakably horrible sisters spoil Cinderella’s one chance of happiness?  

                                  All is revealed in our version of Cinderella!

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 (Note: Photos from different Productions)

Cinderella Principal Girl
Prince Charming Principal Boy
Buttons Comic Lead
Baron Hardup  
Baroness Hardup  
Grizzlie Ugly Sister
Grottie Ugly Sister
Dandini Prince's Valet
Fairy Godmother  
Ensemble/Chorus / Dancers  


 Check out details of The Broker's Men Sketches in our Supplementary Scenes. These scenes are especially written to add additional speaking roles to suit the requirements of a larger cast and can be edited into your script at no extra charge.


4 Main stage scenes and 3 FOT/Downstage scenes
Scene 1: Introduction FOT 
Scene 2: In the Town Main Stage
Scene 3: A Clearing in the Woods FOT / Downstage
Scene 4: In the kitchen at Hardup Hall Main Stage
Scene 1: In the Palace ballroom Main Stage
Scene 2: In the Woods FOT / Downstage
Scene 3: In the kitchen at Hardup Hall Downstage
Scene 4: A Clearing in the Woods COMMUNITY SONG FOT / Downstage
Scene 5: In the Palace Ballroom      FINALE Main Stage




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