Crazy Fox Pantomimes


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Meet a glamorous, beauty obsessed, self absorbed Queen who has a big secret and a penchant for modern technology! Find out what happens when she realises that Snow White, her stepdaughter, has grown into a beautiful young woman and she herself, is no longer the most beautiful in the land. (A situation not to be tolerated!)

When Prince Paul arrives at the palace the situation is made worse by his rejection of the Queen's unexpected proposal. Her subsequent fury develops into sinister and murderous reactions!

With the help of her mad-cap friend Silly Billy and the palace housekeeper Dame Dolly Dumpling, Snow White manages to escape from the wicked plan set in motion by the Queen and her Henchman, Fleshcreep.

She finds a safe place to hide in the woods with Billy's mates, seven little Pizza- loving guys!

A plan for Snow White's continued safety is put into place with the help of the young Prince Paul who it seems has fallen in love with her. However this Queen cannot be kept from the truth forever despite Silly Billy's best efforts and his misuse of her latest computer!  Angered by the perceived treachery of her former Henchman, she sets out alone to ensure the demise of Snow White!

Can the Queen find out where Snow White is hiding?

Will Billy stop being silly long enough to stop the Queen's evil plan?

Will the Prince return in time to save his Princess before it is too late?

All is revealed as jeopardy and danger are mixed up with excitement and laughter, damaged electrical goods and a neat trick for never again having to have creased washing! 

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Snow White Principal Girl
Prince Paul Principal Boy
Silly Billy Comic Lead
Dolly Dumpling Dame
Queen Malevolent Villainess
Fleshcreep Henchman to the Queen
Ensemble/Chorus M/F 6 minimum
Dwarfs Juveniles


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Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: In the Palace Kitchen 
Scene 2: In a Palace Hallway 
Scene 3: The Queen's Room 
Scene 4: In the Woods
Scene 5: In the Cottage in the Woods
Scene 6: In the Woods
Scene 7: The Queen's Room


Scene 1: In the Palace Dungeon 
Scene 2: In a Palace Hallway 
Scene 3: In the Palace Kitchen 
Scene 4: Outside the Cottage in the Woods 
Scene 5: In the Woods 
Scene 6: Deeper in the Woods
Scene 7: In a Palace Hallway 
Scene 8: FINALE


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