Crazy Fox Pantomimes


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A quirky and crazy story with a comic pantomime twist- all based on a strange tale of scientific fantasy, aspirations, and maybe not always doing the right thing! 


The story takes place in the quiet backwater town of Little Dozing where the most exciting news event was the opening of the Wok and Roll Chinese Restaurant! Nothing ever really happens in this small town and that is the way the Mayor likes it to be... most of the time!

Our story will introduce you to the Professor (a semi retired inventor) and his household; his daughter Mary, John a young science student  and Jekyll the lab' assistant who despite his cheeky and likeable persona hides the disappointment of a life he feels is going nowhere! Looking after them all is Flossie, the housekeeper who has her own plan for social advancement!

You will also meet  two rather hapless handymen who would rather go fishing than work and the local Police Inspector with his new over enthusiastic Sergeant who both have little to do in a town where the last time the police were needed was to look for Jekyll's lost glasses and the most exciting event was the judging of the 'Pickle Competition'!

However, it is Jekyll, attempting to prove he is more than just a lab' assistant, who unwittingly unleashes a chain of events that transform this sleepy town and which cause havoc and impending disaster for all in the Professor's household. 

Will Jekyll admit what he has done before it is too late?

Who is the mysterious Mr Hyde?

Why have the Handymen been arrested and will the Police work out the truth about what is really going on?

Will Mary be forced to make a dreadful decision to stop the Professor from losing everything or can she, John and Flossie find a solution that will solve all their problems and save Jekyll before it is all too late?


Find out in our Crazy Tale of Jekyll and Hyde!

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JOHN (principal boy)
JEKYLL (comic lead)
HYDE (villain)
MARY (principal girl)
PROFESSOR (Mary’s father)
BASHER- Handyman
BODGETT- Handyman




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