Crazy Fox Pantomimes


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Life is tough in the village of Much Moaning in the Marsh as Giant Blunderbore's demands become ever greater. The villagers may protest but Slimespawn makes sure they pay up!                              

Meanwhile Dame Trott struggles to make ends meet, keep the Squire interested in her many talents as well as looking after her step-sons Jack and Simon and the family cow, Daisybelle!

Everyone knows that Jack wishes to marry the Squire's daughter Jill but as the Giant continues to take all they have Jack may never have enough money for the Squire to agree to the match.

 With Fairy Flora only able to help the village by making the crops grow it seems that life will just go in the same way, but maybe all is not what it seems! Why is Slimespawn apparently helping this Giant, and why does a Giant live up in the clouds anyway? Who is meeting whom in Witchy Woods and for what purposes?    


Will Fairy Flora's green fingers and a bag of beans finally prove to be just what the village really needed?



You can also find out what Daisybelle thinks about everything that happens as it happens, as she is one cow with a mind of her own!

We hope you'll enjoy our Crazy Fox version of this classic fairy tale... with a few twists along the way!

We have two versions of this script each with a slightly different ending.

Version 1 has the GIANT as a voice only, sinister and threatening but never seen. Version 2 has the GIANT as a character only fully revealed at the end of the story. In this version the GIANT is misunderstood by the villagers but is redeemed at the end.

Pictures by kind permission of Henley Players


Jack  Principal Boy
Jill Principal Girl
Dame Trott Dame
Simon Comic Lead
Fairy Flora Immortal
Witch Hazel Immortal
Slimespawn Villain
Daisybelle Cow


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