Crazy Fox Pantomimes


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This Crazy Fox pantomime script is 'loosely' based on traditional legends- you won't find any Babes in the Wood. (That's a separate story- we are writing a new script!) This story is simply a fun filled frolic that takes the audience on a rollicking ride following Robin Hood and his newly formed merry band of outlaws, in their quest to spoil the plans of the unpleasant Sheriff of Nottingham and his rather hapless, sidekick Guy of Gisborne, as they try to maintain control over Sherwood.


With the Sheriff struggling to cope with the mayhem caused by joker Will Scarlett and the demands of the greedy and self-centred Lady Gisborne who is on the look out for a man or money or both, the stage is set for laughs and frivolity!


Into this mix we find the loyal and determined Maid Marian and her companion Annie, both trying to do what is right but with the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne determined to fulfil their own plans, it isn't always easy!


Can the Sheriff be defeated, will Lady Gisborne cause disaster and will Robin fall into the trap laid for him...


… and will Friar Tuck stop eating?


 Who will win the Archery is all as innocent as it seems?


And will anyone finally allow Allan a Dale to sing?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more in our quirky romp through Sherwood Forest...

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3 Main Stage Scenes, 2 FOT/Downstage Scenes


Scene 1: In the Village 
Scene 2: A Clearing in the Forest   
Scene 3: In the Castle





Scene 1: In Sherwood Forest 
Scene 2: Somewhere else in Sherwood Forest 
Scene 3: Somewhere in the Castle
Scene 4: In the Village 
Scene 5:FINALE



Robin Hood Principal Boy
Maid Marian Principal Girl
Willie Scarlett  Comic Lead
Sheriff of Nottingham Villain
Guy of Gisborne  Sidekick
Lady Gisborne  Dame 
Little John Merry man
Friar Tuck Merry man
Annie  Maid to Marian
Ensemble/Chorus  2M+/4FM+






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