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It is with great sadness we write of the death of Graham Gibson. Graham was always a stalwart supporter of Pantomime and willing to get involved in very aspect of bringing a Show to the stage!


He was there at the very beginnings of our first forays into writing pantomime scripts. Together Graham and Celia created many scripts which have formed the foundation of what is now- Crazy Fox pantomimes.

Although Graham retired from writing many, many years ago, his input and encouragement will never be forgotten. Many of his ideas and fun still run through many of our scripts and his creative talent and enthusiasm will never be forgotten.

He was a great script writer, Director and even trod the boards himself as wonderful Dame in many of our earlier scripts for a local Drama Group.


His pleasure at our continued success and his receipt of the fees for Pantomimes used in which he had an input, particularly Pinocchio, made him chuckle with delight that we had all come this far!


                     We will miss you Graham. We will not forget you.


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As part of the updates and changes made to Crazy Fox Pantomimes recently, was a discussion on the price charged to use one of our scripts. The prices haven't changed since our beginning but everything else has! 


When we started the website we reached a smaller group of interested pantomime people but word of mouth, our own promotional material and returning customers have increased our output and work considerably. In particular working with customers to create a script especially for specific needs has become a regular part of what we do. We had always recognized that one Script doesn't fit all requirements and so we offered to edit and change any script to suit a Cast from four to forty. This service has proved very popular.



Professional Stage Companies usually require a script with a smaller Cast of Principals with Ensemble and Juveniles while larger Amateur Dramatic Groups require roles for a much larger cast all eager for a speaking role however small. With this in mind, we created a wide selection of Supplementary short scenes which we could easily edit to make story specific and could write seamlessly into any Script of choice. This is creative fun but can be time consuming...but we are happy to do it. We also have been asked if we could add characters or delete characters or create the script suitable for multi-roling with a very small cast. It means we are prepared to edit any Crazy Fox Script to suit any group and it means we keep editorial control over written work going out in our name. This is important to us.  Someone from one of our loyal returning customers said  'It is like having your own scriptwriter!' And it is! 


In the many discussions and consultations with our team and others in the theatre and writing professions about how to develop Crazy Fox Pantomimes for the future, it was suggested we should charge for this service we offer over and above the cost of using a script. However, one of the key ideas had always been to offer simplicity and easy navigation of the website in order to choose and use a Crazy Fox Script.

Our original idea had always been to have an all inclusive price without lots of different extras having to be calculated. A sliding scale of prices depending on how much time and effort was put into adding new scenes, deleting or adding characters etc could create pricing problems and require some seriously major changes to how the website is laid out and works and would certainly be more complicated. It was suggested we could arrange additional fees with individual customers through private discussions...we could but... in the end the decision was made to increase the flat rate-price of each Script by £5 and continue in future to charge no additional extras for any work we do for you in editing the Script to suit your requirements. We do feel that charging a flat rate £25 per each stage performance for any Script and continuing our free editing service is still excellent value. 

We hope you will agree and continue to support us.


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April 2019


I am happy to announce that much work has been completed here in the DEN, not only with new scripts but updating some others and uploading new information and LOTS of new photos onto the website. Do have a look around. Thank you to so many Theatre Groups for the permission to use so many of your fantastic photos. 

It is a little like a rebirth, a renewal (which is apt at this time of year) but it was felt that it was time to shake up the presentation of the website and time to add new scripts and edit others and so with a FANFARE Crazy Fox Pantomimes relaunches our colourful and more whizzy website!

We are happy to offer the brand new Script of The Little Match Girl and also our exciting and very quirky 'take' on the story of Jekyll and Hyde...

Both scripts are now fully available to preview and be licensed for performance. We are all a hugely excited and hope they prove as popular as The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan both of which have been performed the most often during the last two years. 

All scripts have undergone updates but Beauty and The Beast has acquired a new character in the Enchantress (asked for by our lovely customers...we aim to please!) and all scripts are available on the website. 

Not content with all that has been done so far, another script is being written 'Babes in The Wood (Loosely based on the story of Hansel and Gretel) and we'll let you know how it progresses.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, for tickets to see Shows (we wish we could get to more) for DVDs of Shows and for all the fantastic photographs that show us not only how our scripts have come to life but how much fun you are having with them. Here's to a another year of Pantomime fun.


A New Year and some new ideas! 

February 2019

A much belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Customers, visitors to the website and new customers! 

I am happy to announce that The Little Match Girl is finished, after over a year in conception and writing. It was a tough one to do! The traditional story is short and sad and of course a pantomime needs a happy ending so there was much discussion on how to go about this. The characters arrived 'on the scene' and I knew the part they needed to play to develop the story but somehow the spark wouldn't come. After leaving it for ages and ages before picking up a pen again, and actually writing a completely new and different script in the meanwhile (more about that later) I decided to have another go and in changing one character's role and adding another character everything suddenly began to fall into place and the story began to write itself. It is at this point that a writer just has to let themselves go with the flow- editing can take place I did and it did! An 12,000 word (probably three hour script) was honed and sharpened up and edited down to a more pacey and workable 9,800 words. It was then off to Beta Reading for some seriously objective critique and more edits and alterations to make, I hope, an unusual and fun filled pantomime script...Fingers crossed! The public will judge in the end.

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Coming to the end of 2018...

It has been ages since any Crazy Fox news has been written. We have two excuses- first we have been so busy as our customer base has increased and new customers joined us...and welcome, and secondly as we have been so busy we took down the NEWS element on the header as we hadn't had any spare time to write anything and were using Facebook and twitter more to spread the crazy Fox Pantomime love! 

However, all that has changed and we have decided to start it up again and since the last news item we have begun working on two more brand new scripts. 

Many customers have worked their way through much of the traditional Pantomime canon and asked for something different and quirky. We like different and quirky so we began The little Match Girl and also The Crazy Tale of Jekyll and Hyde. It has unfortunately taken much longer than anticipated to write these new scripts and we apologize to customers for the long, long wait- but we persevere!

The Little Match Girl proved the most difficult...more about that another time. The Crazy Tale of Jekyll and Hyde (note what we did there!) was nearing completion as the old year of 2018 was disappearing over the horizon. It was uploaded to the website for a trial period to let people know it was 'out there' but it was felt something was missing...something that could make it special. We went into the new year undecided and still without two fully prepared new scripts.

 A Quick update March 2017

Hurrah! Pinocchio is completed. I am really pleased about this one as it was originally a script written solely by Graham Gibson way back in 1997!  we have dragged it kicking and screaming together into 2017 but it has been tremendous fun and both Graham and I are thrilled to be able to offer this new version on our website. Please do go and have a look.


A While ago! News from 2016

Since our last update was written we can say that the script of Goldilocks is almost finished (Hurray!) but has taken longer than originally planned.(Boo!- you can tell we're panto' folk really can't you?) We hope it will be well received when it is uploaded and available on the website which should be- fingers crossed- in the next few weeks (after critique and proof reading-there'll be nervous wobbles- Oh yes, there will!) We're definitely too pantomime! (Especially with the the use of parentheses?)

We have received updates from a company producing our Wizard of Oz script and we are happy to report they do seem to have a lot of fun in rehearsals. We like to make folks laugh! We can also report that the Wizard of Oz script has become our most requested script (we must have been promoting it efficiently) and has pushed Aladdin into second place, with Jack and The Beanstalk and Peter Pan tied for third place. 

Happily all our scripts have been requested for preview readings so we wait to hear... if they are chosen for performance, we open a bottle of bubbly (any excuse!)


and if not... we're philosophical, after all you can't win 'em all!

Our versions of The Little Match Girl, Pinocchio and a new script, The Crazy Story of Jekyll and Hyde, have all been planned and story boarded and we are looking forward to the writing and the laughs that will ensue as they take shape on the page (well lap-top!) but not until Goldilocks is completed.




Finally in the last month we have been commissioned to write mini-panto' of the story of Dick Whittington. This proved to be an hilarious experience as we tried to cram the whole story into a manic ten minute 'sketch'! Having enjoyed the challenge of this commission so much we are thinking of writing more mini- panto' suitable for cabaret or comedy slots in small venues... an why not? We like a challenge! 

Our news is therefore that the Crazy Foxes are busy-busy and buzzing as ever... 'Oh yes we are!' (And don't we love it!)




An update!

 Since our last review on which scripts have been most requested we are happy to report that all scripts have now been sent out to prospective customers for previews! There has been much dancing around in the office... not something you may want to see everyday! We are also happy to report that our script writer, Celia is more than happy as not only has The Wizard of Oz script (One of her special favourites!) been requested twice in the last month but we have recently received confirmation that it is to be performed by a Drama group based in Shropshire. (We'll keep our fingers crossed on the other preview!)

The most requested script is still Aladdin (also a Company in the West Midlands is preparing to produce our version as their next production- we hope we are sent tickets!) Another favourite is Jack and the Beanstalk, closely followed by Beauty and the Beast and now Peter Pan has moved up the list of most requested.

We hope to see five of our scripts (so far- watch this space!) come to life on stage this coming season. 

Finally, the Goldilocks and the Three bears script nears completion and will be available on this website soon. The next two scripts in pre-planning and waiting to be written up are The Little Match Girl by Celia Fox and Pinocchio by Graham Gibson. Both scripts should be available by January 2015.

That's all for now, folks!



Which scripts are the most requested for preview reading since March 2014?

We have been looking into the stats of visits to the website and which scripts are proving most popular. The results although interesting have surprised us all and made us think! We made a list in order of most requested and wonder if the choices surprise you too?



1. Aladdin (The winner!)

2. Sleeping Beauty (Traditional yes- but Crazy Foxes always have a unique way of telling a story you think you know.)

3. Jack and the Beanstalk (May take over Sleeping Beauty in the list! We love our Giant- maybe he's just a big softie underneath!)

4. Peter Pan (Even though it has only been available a short while we are receiving great feedback- which is nice!)

5. Robin Hood(Our version is based on traditional tales from the legend of Robin Hood- and this makes it different- there are no Babes in this Wood! We think that deserves it's own story and will write that as a separate script for 2015. 'Oh yes we will!')

6. Puss in Boots (We do love our wisecracking cat who regales the audience with his cheeky take on life.)

This list surprised us because we haven't received one request for Cinderella or Snow White since January, surely two of the most popular pantomimes around! Doesn't everyone love to hate those ugly sisters? Also no requests this season for our scriptwriter's favourite- 'The Wizard of Oz'- she is quietly sighing in the corner! (Well almost!)


Discussion and chatting to panto folks has revealed that some groups are thinking that Cinderella for example is too over done! Oh no! Surely not, you hear us cry! Many groups are looking for the more unusual lesser known scripts albeit with a basic well known story line. It's a brave company who will produce a newly written, original and thus unknown story and hope it will attract the pantomime audience. 

It seems that our two new scripts The Princess and the Pea and Goldilocks and the Three Bears might just appeal to the less conventional as these two stories have very simple plot lines which allow a scriptwriter to be creative with characters and innovative with the story telling. This freedom with story means they have both been such fun to write. However talking to some who produce professional large scale pantomimes, they prefer the traditional 'usual suspects!' although the favourite amongst these is also Aladdin this year! It appears that the genie and that magical lamp are attempting a take over of Pantoland in 2014!

Having said that, we still adore Cinderella (Yes- all right, and The Wizard of Oz too!) and our Cinderella script is quirky and cheeky and we hope it won't be too long before it is requested again. It is a traditional and very popular pantomime but every script written brings something different to a well known story and that's the fun of pantomime. That's why people love it and return year after year. We think folks will like our version too! Watch this space!


So what is new in the world of the crazy fox?

11.05.2014: With Peter Pan script completed and being well received, Celia has turned her attention to the story of the Princess and the Pea! This simple story traditionally has a few limited elements...

A Princess appears on a wild stormy night. (Why? Where's she come from?)

A pea placed under numerous mattresses on her bed as a test to prove she is a real princess for only a real Princess would feel its presence and be unable to sleep comfortably! (You are kidding? Whose idea was this?)

The prince will only marry a real princess! (Typical!)

A crazy story line or what? Definitely!  And just perfect for creating an original plot for a script in our own quirky and unique style. 'Oh yes it is!'

The writing began and progressed well up until the point in our plot where a Princess needs to be chosen by the Prince.We wanted to develop a scene with a  crazy comic talent competition and there is much  material to draw from in the typical TV 'talent' type show. We don't like to talk about writers' block because for us it usually doesn't exist- no really! (Twelve scripts in eighteen months bears testimony to that!) A break in writing the script usually just means we haven't come to the right conclusions and developed through the ideas enough to move on!  At this point there is usually lots more research, endless cups of coffee, throwing around new ideas and trying out different scenarios, more cups of coffee and maybe the odd chocolate bar. (Just for encouraging creativity, of course!)

This situation is followed by a complete break away from the computer...let the little grey cells do their stuff, (as a certain Belgium detective might say) forbidden to even look at the script... and then it happens! We still don't know how but it just does... ideas come crowding in so fast it is difficult to get them on paper as Celia's fingers cannot type fast enough! It is crazy but frequently that's how it works!

Within another few days the whole script is completed. We've laughed a lot, and finally prising Celia from the keyboard, we find we can relax again (For a brief time at least). 

For very soon must come the necessary work in editing, critiquing, more editing and proof reading until a final draft is ready to be launched on the pantomime world. Also the Crazy Foxes have to plan and complete the uploading of information onto the website and start promoting 'The Princess and the Pea'- our newest pantomime script!


The Princess and The Pea script should be available by June 23rd 2014




04.04.2014: Hurray! Peter Pan flies in to join our other eleven scripts and earlier than expected! We were busy writing, researching and planning a radical update and extensive rewrite of the script Celia had written in 2005 when we received an email asking for a preview copy before a certain date. There is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind and so we pulled out all the stops, stirred up all the people required to make it happen and finished it with days to spare. The script was duly sent off  in preview format as requested. We hope they like it! Due to all efforts we can offer the script to the wider public and now have it available on site with the others... which is nice! 

We have written three full-length scripts since the end of January(all for commissions) which are now also available to all... Crazy? ... possibly but loving pantomime so much, writing the scripts is such fun! (Even on a deadline).We keep developing new ideas and have already got preliminary notes ready for the writing of The Princess and the Pea and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Positive feedback and lovely comments about our scripts that we have received only add to our continued enthusiasm for this fun and traditional genre of British Theatre.



15.03.2014: We are jolly happy foxes to now have twelve scripts! Eleven are available immediately and Peter Pan is on his way!

First planning (scenario, characters) has taken place on Goldilocks and the Three Bears as well as The Princess and the Pea. These scripts should be completed in the first half of this year and available as soon as all processes have been completed- date to be announced. 

Pinocchio will be written and completed in the later part of the year.

Ideas for a number of other scripts have been discussed. These will be Mother Goose, Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, Babes in the Wood and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves... so watch this space! It's going to be a busy year and we look forward to Graham Gibson and William Workman being part of the creative team.


13.02 2014: It's been a very busy time here in the world of the crazy fox but we are happy now to announce that Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty are now available online. Jack and the beanstalk will be available by March 1st and Peter Pan will be available by June 23rd.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is still in planning as is Pinnochio and both of these script should be available by the end of 2014... if not sooner! Watch this space!


18.09. 2013:  We have now clarified all the special requirements needed when writing, producing and performing a pantomime version of Peter Pan. Our thanks to Samuel French Ltd and Great Ormond Street Hospital for their help. We are very excited here in the office as our Peter Pan Script is now being drafted and should be available in 2014. 


15.10.2013:  Our prolific scriptwriter has completed the first draft of Sleeping Beauty and it is now in the hands of the proof readers and creative critique team (always a little nerve wracking) and it will return to us for editing and redrafting. We hope it will be available in early 2014. Not content with writing one script at at a time, Aladdin is also taking shape on the page and the scenario for Jack and the Beanstalk has been created. We are such busy little foxes! Both Aladdin and Jack and the Beanstalk will be available in 2014 and we'll keep you informed of progress.

As if this wasn't enough, a version of Goldilocks And The Three Bears is being planned. 

Over the next year we are hoping to add not only Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Aladdin and Jack and the Beanstalk to our available scripts but also The Princess and the Pea, Treasure Island and Pinocchio.

Watch this space!


08.11.2013: Some discussions and mind-mapping (didn't that used to be called 'brainstorming'?- you can tell there is an ex-teacher in our team!) have led to the planning of a pantomime script retelling the story of Goldilocks and the three Bears.  A crazy bunch of characters you may not find in the original tale are going to tell this story... All will be revealed in 2014!

That's another script to add to our growing list.


18.11.2013: Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin will be available January 2014!



Hello and welcome! We offer family friendly scripts in a traditional style. We are happy to adapt any script to suit your requirements - just ask! Professional Companies price on request only. (see 'Contact' for further details)