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Things don't look too good in the village for lazy, spiteful brothers Tom, Dick and their newly widowed step-mother, Betty Bunn, wife of the late Bernard Bunn the Miller. Sadly things look even worse for youngest stepson, Harry, whose only inheritance appears to be a silver coin and a cat!


With everyone short of money and even the King and Queen in the royal palace having to sell off the family silver on Ebay, there doesn’t seem to be much of a future for anyone!

However, it turns out that Harry's cat is no ordinary cat... and you'd better believe it! When a gift is presented to the King, a chain of events is set in motion that brings changes for all and rights some wrongs from the past.



This Puss in Boots script is a lively retelling of a well known Fairy Tale led by a rather extraordinary and definitely cool cat with a flair for fashion and clever plan!



What makes Dame Betty Bun becomes both angry and confused?

Will Tom and Dick get what they deserve and maybe actually have to work for once?                                                                                                                                              

How will the cash-strapped monarchy find a way to solve their financial problems? 

You know how to find out all the answers to these questions and find out if our version of Puss in Boots is just what you are looking for!

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Tom Comic Villain
Dick Comic Villain
Harry Principal Boy
Puss in Boots Comic Lead
Betty Bun Dame
Princess Pearl Principal Girl
Thrift/Ogre  Lawyer/Villain
Ensemble/Chorus/Dancers 2M/4F



4 Main stage scenes,  2 FOT/Downstage scenes


Scene 1: In the Village 
Scene 2: A road through the Woods
Scene 3: The Royal Palace
Scene 4: A road through the Woods
Scene 5: By a Pool in the Woods

                                                                                                                                                                                               ACT II

Scene 1: Outside the Castle 
Scene 2: Inside the Castle


Scene 3: Outside the Castle


Scene 4: The Royal Palace (FINALE)






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