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Crazy Fox Pantomimes present to you our jolly tale of Red Riding Hood, as related by Grandma- the real truth about what happened leading up to the crazy situation in her cottage in the wood. 


There are mishaps and laughs along the way as we meet Dame Choppe and her nephew Hal the woodcutter, his sweetheart Ruby and her hypochondriac father Tom on whom Dame Choppe has set her sights!

Joining in the mayhem and fun is Hal’s friend Billy, the barrow boy always up for a laugh... especially when he tries to be helpful...


… and Prim and Proper the local tailors and dressmakers who have an unfortunate episode with a taste of Billy's home brew which unwittingly creates chaos for the whole village!


Into this mix of comic capers and confusions as the village prepares for a Fair, comes the grumpy, conniving Wolf, who is devastated by the apparent loss of a winning lottery ticket and is determined to do everything necessary to retrieve it. 


This is a quirky re-telling of a well-known traditional story with a few new twists and much merriment along the way!

 This is definitely a Red Riding Story with a twist... and no one knows if anyone ate the chocolates! 


There is one thing for sure, though, as in all will all end happily ever after.


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Hal Principal Boy
Ruby  Principal Girl
Silly Simon  Comic Lead
Mrs Choppe Dame
Tom Father to Ruby 
Wolf Villain
Prim (M/F) Tailor/Dressmaker
Proper (M/F) Tailor/Dressmaker
Grandma Grandmother
Ensemble/Chorus  2M/4F

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 4 Main stage scenes, 2 FOT/Downstage scenes


Scene 1: Prologue 
Scene 2: In the Town square
Scene 3: A clearing in the Wood
Scene 4: In the Kitchen of Tom’s House





Scene 1: Deep in the Woods
Scene 2: Outside Grandma’s Cottage
Scene 3: In Grandma’s Cottage
Scene 4: In a clearing in the Wood
Scene 5: In a Clearing in the Wood
Scene 6: In the Town Square (FINALE)


















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