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Join us in a sleepy little Town where the local police never had to arrest anyone and everyone loves the delicious cakes made by Clara Cupcake and her jolly nephew Billy Bun, who run the local Bakery, Cupcake and Bun- finest bakers under the sun!


Billy's best friend Ben, the Doctor's son is secretly in love in Molly and all should be happiness and fun. However, as our story begins, Ben is unsure what path to follow and Molly has become a penniless orphan, under the guardianship of her unpleasant Uncle, Silas Slybones, with his fiancée Narcissa, and their plans are devious and definitely not going to be fun especially for poor Molly!

Somewhere, someone knows where Molly's inheritance is but no-one is listening!

Molly needs help and maybe her Fairy Godmother might have a plan... someone needs a clue what to do!

Can Ben find a way, will Clara Cupcake convince the Doctor that her buns are the best and will Slybones and Narcissa find what they are looking for and get their just desserts?

Find out if the local policeman will ever get to arrest anyone- you may be surprised- and whether Billy Bun can help his friends find what everyone is looking for so that all can end happily ever after. 

Welcome to another quirky retelling of a classic tale- of stones, moans, cakes, clues and matches with fun and laughter on the way! 


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