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 Dick Whittington, having left his village behind in the hope of finding a better life, arrives in London town believing that he is going to find the streets paved with gold! He soon finds himself involved in an adventure that takes everyone on a roller coaster of a ride as good and evil battle over who has control of London.

After a less than promising start Dick meets Alice Fitzwarren, and is offered work in her father's shop. He meets Miss Take, an ex school teacher who has taken on a new job requiring skills she actually hasn't acquired and jolly Jack who has a job he rather not have! Although it looks like things might be improving, Dick finds out that a villainous King Rat is an unfortunate enemy to make.


With wicked King Rat planning to take over London town, a sea captain whom no-one can understand and the Fairy Bowbells trying to keep everyone safe, will it all end happily for everyone or will Dick find himself in deeper troubles? And where are all the rats coming from?

The story takes us on through an eventful voyage and shipwreck on foreign shores and finally a return to London under very different circumstances!

All of this happens with the help of a stray cat, Tommy who cheekily regales the audience with his wise-cracking commentary on events!

Just ask to read our script to find out if Dick overcomes all adversities, achieves his heart's desire and wins through in the end. We know you will find that this story is full of fun, mayhem and laughs!


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Dick Principal Boy
Alice Principal Girl
Jack Comic Lead

Miss Take

Bowbells Immortal
King Rat Villain





 Captain Albert Ross




To suit the requirements for a larger cast, check out our additional Supplementary Scenes, available at no extra cost.         

4 Main Stage scenes, 2/3 FOT or Downstage short scenes 

Scene 3:   In London Town
Scene 4: The kitchen of Fitzwarren's House
Scene 5:  In London Town
Scene 6: In Fitzwarren's Exotic Emporium
Scene 7:  On a lane outside London


Scene 1: At London Docks
Scene 2: On board ship
Scene 3: Under the sea
Scene 4: In the Sultan’s Palace
Scene 5: In  London Town
Scene 6: Community Song  
FINALE and Walkdown: In London Town



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