Crazy Fox Pantomimes

Crazy Fox Pantomimes licenses the use of their copyrighted scripts within the Terms of Agreement.

The purchaser is deemed to have accepted the Terms of Agreement in order to be licensed by Crazy Fox Pantomimes to produce public or private performances of the script.

Terms of Agreement

  1. Each script is licensed to the purchaser only, being a representative of the production company, who will use the script for stage performance and the script should not be shared with other companies.
  2. Each script is licensed only up to the maximum number of performances agreed at the point of payment. 
  3. The existence of each script does not imply that it is automatically available for private or public performance. The scriptwriters reserve the right to refuse to grant a licence to perform for whatever reason.
  4. The granting of a licence to perform does not confer rights of exclusivity to the licensee.
  5. All Crazy Fox Pantomimes are fully protected by the copyright acts. The script may be printed and photocopied and  electronically shared in order to use for production of stage performances only by the purchasing company and not shared with other companies. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Website, Scripts, excerpts or details.
  6. The name of the scriptwriter should be printed on all publicity material and programmes for example- "SNOW WHITE by Celia Fox". The programme credits shall state "Script provided by Crazy Fox Pantomimes".
  7. This pantomime is intended to be performed without alteration, addition or cuts. However artistic licence is granted for changes for reasons of local or topical humour, individual character or comic business and time constraints. Whilst granting this concession, we hope that every effort will be made to preserve the spirit of the original.
  8. The purchaser recognises that Crazy Fox Pantomimes are not liable for protection of individuals, groups or organizations, audience spectators or others who participate in the performances of any script and that suitable Risk Assessment and Health and Safety issues are the responsibility of the Production Company within the performance venue.
  9. Crazy Fox Pantomimes owns copyright of the script. However if your Company wants to film a performance that's acceptable to us and you won't be charged but we would appreciate a copy/DVD made available to Crazy Fox Pantomimes, with permission to use clips from it for our own publicity.
  10. Crazy Fox Pantomimes insist that you have fun  performing the script!



Hello and welcome! We offer family friendly scripts in a traditional style. We are happy to adapt any script to suit your requirements - just ask! Professional Companies price on request only. (see 'Contact' for further details)