Crazy Fox Pantomimes

From past experience we have found that many amateur and community groups, who enjoy the experience of putting on a pantomime, often have a 'cast of thousands' ... Well maybe not literally but there are often lots of willing participants eager to tread the boards.

In order to achieve this we offer a variety of short Supplementary skits/scenes* if required, at no extra cost. We are happy to adapt these free of charge to suit and for inclusion in the script of your choice.

These comic sketches* provide some small speaking parts for between four and eight additional cast members. Some sketches require the participation of the Comic Lead, Dame or other Principal and have a running time of approximately five minutes. These scenes are guaranteed to satisfy the aspirations of those extra cast members who would like a speaking part.

You can choose any of these scenes and have them printed in your script on request... you only have to ask. We are happy to send you preview copies of any of the short scenes below when you request a full preview script.

 Please contact us to find out more details or if you wish to discuss which scenes might be suitable for individual requirements. We are happy to help you create the perfect script to suit you and can quickly write a new scene to suit you!


1.You're in the Wrong Show!  ( Not suitable for The Wizard of Oz) The Comic Lead has an unexpected meeting with a group of citizens from the city of Oz who appear to have stumbled unknowingly into the wrong pantomime and mistaken identity leads to much confusion. The Comic Lead is disgruntled to be mistaken for the Scarecrow! (COMIC LEAD + 5 CITIZENS)

2. Well I Never!  Listen to the gossip when two groups of villagers bump into each other, learn why Mistress Slowbody is now single again and find out what happened to Emma, the daughter of Robbie Royd from Rhondda. (6 + VILLAGERS)

3. The X-factor Sketch.  Perhaps not the best planned regional auditions take place with some of the local populace, where there is not much 'talent' on display but plenty of clichés! Things improve when the DAME or other PRINCIPAL as is appropriate  decides to take part and the local hostelry certainly benefits from the intervention! (DAME/other PRINCIPAL, 3 JUDGES + 4 LOCALS) 

4. Changing the Guard. A fairly incompetent bunch of guardsmen/soldiers with a rather inept Captain attempt the changing of the guard on duty outside the Palace/Castle. (CAPTAIN + 6 GUARDS)


5. The Football Fans Sketch. Having been abandoned by their coach driver, a hapless gang of footie fans stumble into your pantomime and bump into the Comic Lead. They are soon to realise their dream of going to Wembley seems to be fading!  (COMIC LEAD, DRIVER +  FANS)

6.Form an Orderly Queue! ( Not suitable for Beauty and the Beast) A sketch that proves it's a true fact that even a lone Englishman would still form a queue... or in this case, English woman -the Dame. (DAME, 2 MEN + 5 WOMEN)

7. The Fortune Teller Sketch.  The Villagers encounter a Gypsy who just might not be as psychic as she suggests. This short sketch has small speaking parts for five villagers and one principal character as appropriate. (DAME/OTHER PRINCIPAL, GYPSY + 5 VILLAGERS)

8.The Hungry Villagers/Good News/Bad News.( Robin Hood- can be adapted for other scripts ) A group of townsfolk discuss the good news and mostly bad news as they are bemoaning their fate under to the harsh rule of the Sheriff/Other(6 VILLAGERS/TOWNSFOLK) 

9.The Film Crew. ( Not suitable for Beauty and the Beast) An unexpected but opportune meeting could have led to fame... and the Dame may be ready for her close-up... but the Director has resigned, the crew are in disarray and the cameraman forgot to put the film in the camera! (DAME, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, CAMERA-MAN, SOUND OPERATOR, MAKE-UP GIRL, CLAPPERBOARD OPERATOR + 'GOPHER')

10.After a session at the Health Club Scene. (Not suitable for Beauty and the Beast) The Fitness Instructor is followed part of the way home by his adoring club members who are trying to impress him. Once he has left the women stop pretending and collapse with over-exertion. They are in this state when the Dame passes by and we find out her dismissive attitude to diet and fitness. They also find out that the Instructor isn't quite the hero they all thought! (FITNESS INSTRUCTOR, 5 WOMEN + DAME)

11. The Brokers Men. (Cinderella only) Four short sketches written to slot easily into the script. The Brokers Men, GETTIN and GRABBIT are somewhat unsuccessful in finding Hardup Hall and reclaiming debts incurred by the Baron. Unable to map read, they seek help from the townsfolk but are sent on a wild goose chase by Buttons who is trying to protect his master. After falling foul of the ugly sisters, they make their escape and stumble on through the woods trying to avoid meeting them again! Eventually they manage to find Hardup Hall and surprisingly all turns out for the best! (GETTIN, GRABBIT, 4 TOWNSFOLK with some interaction with other cast members)

12. The Tourist Guide Sketches. (Snow White only) Three short sketches which are a 'running gag' sequence.A rather hapless Tourist Guide leads a disparate bunch of people on a tour of the castle. Her/his inexperience leads to them taking a few wrong turns and getting lost... and despite sorting out where they should be going, the tour doesn't end when and how they all expected! (GUIDE, AMERICAN MAN,  HIS WIFE, SHELLEY, CHANTELLE, JAPANESE TOURIST 1, JAPANESE TOURIST 2, OLD AGE PENSIONER with interaction with COMIC LEAD and DAME

13. Simple Simon and the Pie-man (Very suitable for Jack and the Beanstalk) Simon meets the pie-man but on finding he has lost his money, tries to trick the pie-man into giving him a free pie. He is almost successful but this Pie-man has seen it all before and things don't actually turn out the way Simon hoped. (SIMON{may already be a principal character} PIE-MAN, VILLAGER 1, VILLAGER 2)

14.The Lazy Villagers scene The village/Farm folk are relaxing and gossiping about life, fishing, the weather. CAST : SIX VILLAGERS. The names/characters can be chosen to fit in to any script containing a village/Farm scene requiring additional small speaking roles.(This is a very adaptable scene)

15. The Hippy/Flower Power scene . Citizens of Oz are relaxing in the fields, smelling the poppy flowers and chilling out! Groovy! Unfortunately the magic of the poppies make them forget everything they should remember! (This scene could be adapted to suit other scripts if required)

16. The Plumbers Sketches. (Two sketches written to be included some scenes apart) Someone has called for the plumbers and the team arrives to sort out the problem with laughable consequences. These scenes are ideal for additional roles in the Aladdin script but also suitable in any script with a kitchen scene.


17. The Sultan's Wives. (Dick Whittington or Aladdin) Not all the Sultan's wives are happy with their lot in life. The older wives are feeling their age! (Five women) Involves singing.

18. Indian Tracks (Peter Pan only)The Indians in Neverland are out tracking the Pirates and the Lost boys with limited sucess! This scene introduces the Indians to the audience and gives them short speaking roles.

19. Measuring the Totem Pole (Peter Pan only) The Indians in Neverland are given a task to complete by Big Chief Crazy Fox but are fairly incompetent! However the youngest Indian brave saves the day and shows them how it is done. This scene involves the Indian Characters as established in the 'Indian Tracks' scene. Both scenes can be incorporated into the script or would stand alone if required.

20. Being a Bold Brave! (Peter Pan only) The Indians dare another to prove he is a bold Indian Brave. They set him a dangerous task but when of course when one fails to listen properly it is likely something will go wrong!

21. The Hikers Scenes These few very short scenes are set up as a running gag whereby two hapless hikers/campers are lost in the woods. They are particularly useful as 'filler' scenes for two additional cast members. Only suitable for scripts with woodland scenes.


Hello and welcome! We offer family friendly scripts in a traditional style. We are happy to adapt any script to suit your requirements - just ask! Professional Companies price on request only. (see 'Contact' for further details)