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For a long time, I had really wanted to create a pantomime script for the wonderful story of Peter Pan. I did, however consider it a daunting project to take on especially as Peter Pan is such a well recognized and popular 'non pantomime' story. 

Even though I shelved the project for a number of years while working on and writing other scripts, the desire to see what I could create never went away. I decided with encouragement from a friend of mine, an actor and comedian to 'go for it' and so I did! 

I managed to write a script full of pantomime mayhem and traditions but I didn't create a Dame or Good Fairy- but an obvious villain in Captain James Hook! Peter Pan is now part of our Crazy Fox Collection of scripts and in the end was enormous fun to write.

The first time the new script went into stage production, I agreed to co-direct and keep an eye on how it was developing throughout rehearsals. It was very hands on- I'm a glutton for punishment! 

One of the good things about directing one's own script is the ability to keep control over the material and how it is portrayed. This may not always  be a good thing, I know. It can be hard to be objective but I was lucky enough to have a superbly focused cast full of talent and enthusiasm who were happy to offer their own thoughts on their roles. I liked this!

I worked with young Principals who were not not only totally invested in the characters of Peter and Wendy but sang so beautifully that it was quite wonderful. We were all doubly lucky in that we had a new musical score written especially for this Show with delightful songs that captured the mood so well. Sadly, the score has gone missing over the years but I am doing my best to seek out the sheet music and CD. Someone out there must have it! It would be amazing to be able to offer it with the script- so watch this space! 

One of the features that made this first stage production such a great experience was working with the cast playing the pirates. In the spirit of gender equality we had male and female pirates who were all 'orrible and evil and very funny and I enjoyed every minute of working with them. Adding to the fun was our Smee, played so cheekily by John Vince ( I still smile over the 'Dyson' - it's in the script!) and our dastardly villain, Captain James Hook played with delicious deviousness (he likes alliteration) by Ken Tomlinson.

Ken turned in a wonderful and unforgettable performance and it was a pleasure to work with him. He was a constant source of jokes and laughs and although it has been some while since he trod the boards he can still have me in fits of laughter with the quips and jokes he now posts on Facebook. 

Finally and because of Ken Tomlinson and all of that wonderful cast, I have added the newly updated Peter Pan script to The Crazy Fox Pantomime Special Offer. Until June 23 2017 Peter Pan script is offered at half price and I'm sure that all of the original cast hope you have as much fun with it as we did!






Written by Celia Fox — February 02, 2017


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