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The first script that I became involved with as a writer was Cinderella. Strangely enough it was also the first pantomime story I ever saw as a small child- I won't tell you how long ago that was only that I enjoyed everything about it and my love of pantomime was born that afternoon in the noisy, crowded but wonderful Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. Even now I can still recall being mesmerizied by the magic of it all!

Cinderella is such a well known and well liked story that it is a good place for any budding pantomime script writer to start and when a first draft of an original script had been written for a Shropshire Drama group by Graham Gibson, a talented writer and lover of the pantomime genre and he kindly invited me to read it and consider adding my own creative touches to it, I jumped at the opportunity. Together we worked on it and a script was completed (It was probably 75% Graham and 25% me but it was a beginning!) It proved to be a great success and a co-writing partnership was born.

Graham and I went on to write collaboratively as well as individually for over twenty years and between us created a catalogue of successful pantomime scripts which sometimes we not only wrote but also occasionally performed in or directed. It was fun times!

When Graham retired both from the stage and from writing, I continued with the writing for a while but put away the Leichner make-up, the glitter and the tights, eventually reducing my involvement and finally archiving all the scripts. 

Graham being a 'Hands On Director'!

Some years later it was suggested that I should consider re-writing or updating all the scripts for a modern and wider audience and that germ of an idea grew... and grew and so Crazy Fox Pantomimes was created.

All the scripts have undergone very extensive re-writes to suit a modern audience and current culture while retaining as much of those quirky traditions that are so much a part of British pantomime and with many brand new titles written in the last two years are proving to be popular with new audiences all around the UK and beyond (As far as Spain, Chile and Australia!) 

However, Crazy Fox Pantomimes would not have existed without my good friend Graham Gibson and his continued support. Many scripts still bear his name as co-writer as a reflection of his earlier input. 

In order to thank Graham and honour his contribution a SPECIAL OFFER has been created and our new Crazy Fox version of Cinderella is now available at half-price until June 23rd 2017.

Keep that Panto flag flying!

CINDERELLA by Celia Fox and Graham Gibson ....Click on the link for details  


Written by Celia Fox — January 23, 2017


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