Crazy Fox Pantomimes

I'd been thinking about writing my Aladdin script for days. ideas had been fizzing and jumping around in my brain and a voice seemed to cry " Write me down for ye shall have no peace until ye do!" So I sat down in my favourite writing chair. I flexed my typing fingers and I chuckled to myself. I'd start today with that funny little scene with the genie in the cave, the ideas made me smile every time I thought of the dialogue that I could create between the characters. Must hurry then, as the ideas were buzzing crazily around in my head demanding to be written down before my crowded brain lost the plot -literally! So when I started typing I wrote more of the magical story of Aladdin... right? Wrong!  

It could have been plain sailing but I should have known better because before the scene of Aladdin was written, the story of Sleeping Beauty, characters, situations, comedy and laughs, exploded like popping corn in a hot pan, zapping new ideas wildly into my head which wouldn't go away!

There was nothing else to do but to leave Aladdin inside the cave and create a new folder on the computer for the Sleeping Beauty, and let those ideas tumble out onto the page. In three days ACT I was written. I don't know where the ideas sprang from but spring they did! There will be re-writes and edits of course and ACT II will develop easily enough because the characters are beginning to tell their own stories and experience their own journeys. I don't know how it all happens but it does and it is so satisfying and such fun when it does happen. Aladdin can wait but I'm sure it won't be for too long before he comes knocking on the door demanding for his story to be told as well.

As I shut down my computer for another night, actually seeing every character in my mind's eye, it makes me smile to know they'll be waiting for me again tomorrow, and I realise how lucky I am to be doing this job.



Written by Celia Fox — July 09, 2013


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