Crazy Fox Pantomimes

After a another very busy few weeks learning skills that I never expected to need, developing a website, the end is in sight! I have enjoyed the experience and still have a few glitches to sort out and then it will be ready to go... No one told me that being a scriptwriter also meant becoming a computer whizz! You learn something every day! Soon all scripts will be uploaded and preview and performance licences priced and added and then it will really be ready to go!

It is actually quite exciting starting a new venture even though preparing and then maintaining a website has been more time consuming and stressful than writing all the scripts...oh yes it has!

As launch day for a completed, working site draws nearer I am beginning to realise that once again I'll have time to spend on what I actually like doing best... writing. Aladdin is waiting to be added to the eight completed scripts and ideas for Jack and the Beanstalk are buzzing around in my head (often in the early hours of the morning)... I sometimes am at my most creative when the rest of the world around me sleeps! Well...I suppose that's why Crazy Fox is an appropriate name!


Written by Celia Fox — July 01, 2013


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