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Taking a break from writing pantomime scripts and sharing some discussions on the administration of Crazy Fox Pantomimes got everyone thinking!

In running any business it was decided it is prudent not to be complacent or lose that initiative or creativity used to start it all in the beginning. This is true in developing the ideas for 'the product' in our case- the writing of scripts, keeping them fresh, updating when necessary and always fun and I feel we are doing this and also certainly having fun doing this! However, let's not forget that 'the product' is nothing if it is not available as effectively as it could be for the customer- in our case- the lovely folk who like to stage a Pantomime!

Therefore, after studying the statistics so neatly produced by our website (and these can be endlessly really!) giving information on customer traffic, most viewed pages, most searched scripts, most popular preview script requests and most ordered scripts for performance as well as engaging in customer feedback, it was decided it is time to make some changes.

In response to customer demand  and to show we are part of the digital new world - oh yes we are- (Sorry, but we are panto' folk!) scripts will no longer be sent in hard copy form but only in digital form as PDF. Preview scripts, watermarked and 'read only' can be viewed by request free of charge as always... we aim to please! Scripts for performance will be sent in PDF via email, un-watermarked (with our blessing to print as many as you need- okay that's not digital but convenient!) and with song suggestions, technical and staging suggestions within 24 hours of receipt of payment. It seems a good idea! So much information is available in digital form online, lap-top, IPad or smart phone and we can all move with the times... oh yes we can! 

Let's keep it simple- but digital!

All details are on the website.




Written by Celia Fox — February 07, 2016


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