Crazy Fox Pantomimes

Goldilocks and The Three Bears script was finished towards the end of last year and is already out in production but I haven't rested on my laurels (why would any body do that?) as two more scripts followed soon after. The first was to re-write and just update an old script of Pinocchio from our distant past but in the end it was decided to take the story apart and start again. My research found that the original Pinocchio stories are more  horror than fairy tale (and far too terrifying for young children- believe me!) Also the story that most people would be familiar with is Disney's version and thus due to copyright and to be avoided. Don't get me wrong- I do enjoy the Disney retelling of classic fairy tales but it's amazing how quickly people believe they are the only definitive version and expect to see Disney characters and plot lines in pantomimes! (It can't happen!) 

This presented various problems in creating a pantomime script- trying to untangle a dark, gruesome and very episodic narrative and keep away from anything 'Disney'  but we like a challenge! The results of this effort will be available on the website as soon as final proof and critique readings have been completed: It should be very soon! 

The second script written shortly after was The Crazy Tale of Jekyll and Hyde. This began as a commission but although not yet available on the website (It will be soon!) is already proving to be of interest to others- Let's hope the finished script meets with approval. It has certainly been fun writing it and I promise will be very different to anything you think you already know about the story of Jekyll and Hyde. Oh yes it will!

It was also interesting to me as I was writing that my daughter, a professional actor was in rehearsals for... can you guess? Jekyll and Hyde! Life throws up these strange coincidences sometimes. She was performing in was a seriously dark and menacing drama much closer to the original story than our Crazy Fox quirky pantomime. The drama received good reviews- I do hope our very different pantomime version does too!

Check out the website in the next week or two for further details of these new scripts. In the meantime there are plenty of other scripts to peruse and maybe tempt you into performing a Crazy Fox script- we hope so!


Written by Celia Fox — January 15, 2016


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