Crazy Fox Pantomimes

In common with many people it is time to accept that the holidays are over (I had an amazing time!) and as the script writer now I must focus on work again. 

This has been the longest break from script writing that I have had. It was difficult at first to relinquish the characters and plots that totally dominate my life and put them wholly to one side and actually take a real break! However, once I finally forced myself to close down the computer and walk away it took just a week to feel free from pantomime related tasks.(Which surprised me given my total immersion in all things pantomime and theatre!) A long summer of touring, relaxing, meeting people and seeing new places followed . After 24/7 (or so it seemed) of past pantomime involvement I was surprised how much I enjoyed the break. Usually my head is so full of ideas, pantomime characters and plot lines begging to be written that my fingers have to be prised from the keyboard and I have to be forced to stop and do other things, such as eat or sleep! 

 As the extended summer break is now over for all crazy foxes this means some concentrated effort is required in order to return and complete four unfinished scripts. 'Four'? You may well ask!  Why are we not working on completing one at a time? Ah, well there hangs a tale as those who know us will recognise that writing scripts in our mad world doesn't always follow a smooth pattern from start to finish. We are well known (slightly crazy- hence the name) for having too many ideas all at the same time! One script can be progressing well in it's conception and writing and- wham! -another completely different story pops into life- it's characters and plot demanding to be written too.

It is not possible to push these determined characters to the back of the mind and make them wait until the first script is completed before their story can be told. Believe me- I've tried! Notes and ideas jostle to be written down for writing as a script later and only when that is done can I settle back into continuing to write the script that I was originally working on. The problem is then sorted you may think but, hey ho, the craziness continues as more ideas for other scripts always pop into my head or are suggested by other crazies! So many ideas and so little time!  So, that simply is how, before the holidays, I found myself writing four scripts simultaneously .

So here I sit, laptop open and fingers poised over the keys... but which script shall I be working on today? The Little Match Girl? (Now where did I leave the story... was the villain succeeding in his evil plot and had the grumbling gargoyle made an entrance?) or maybe I'll go back to the script I had begun for The Crazy Tale of Jekyll and Hyde, our own quirky version which was making me laugh out loud! I suppose I should continue with the script for Pinocchio which was nearest to completion before all the other ideas got in the way.

Of course I could go back to the writing The Snow Queen which is in a first draft and wait a minute- what about all the notes and planning I made for Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves which is waiting for further development and of course I did promise someone that I would write Treasure Island Pantomime- Did I say FOUR scripts at the same time? (A little miscalculation methinks!)

Looks like I'm going to be busy and the holiday break is really over. Deep breath, head down, fingers flexed-  let's start writing...and writing... and writing... and...

Watch this space!


Written by Celia Fox — September 02, 2015


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