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Many people who write for a living often talk about "writers' block" or times when inspiration just won't materialise and the pen lies unused.

It does happen but often it isn't really 'a block' but more of an inability to sort out plot ideas.

To make the situation worse I find that often my head is full of ideas for other stories and I have an inability to put these ideas, zinging and zapping in my brain, to one side until later.

This makes it difficult if not nigh impossible to concentrate on the task in hand!

Let me explain. In the script Goldilocks and the Three Bears on which I'm supposed to be working at the moment, the whole scenario is planned, scenes set, characters developed (sounds like all is going well doesn't it?) but there is a snag... a niggle, something that has caused a blockage in the flow of the story. The characters have realised that the villain is about to change all their lives and the Circus that they all were part of may have to close.(I'm not giving any more away than that!) Goldilocks (Goldie) is angry hurt and upset (well you would be too!) and runs away into the forest to be alone- you can see where this is going!


This scene by the nature of the story boarding already done (I'm nothing if not organised) should lead neatly to the interval. End on a touch of a cliff-hanger, leave the audience wanting more while they queue for their ice-creams- Okay- now here is the problem. Why would Goldie stay away all night in a forest where there is the risk of bumping into bears ? (We know that's possible- we've seen them already and she's a bright girl!) Do I allow the other characters to find out she is in possible jeopardy and end on a low or end the scene on a positive note and a song and leave the danger to be explained in ACT II?

I could thrash out some scenarios as to the whys and wherefores if I could think clearly as after all it's not an earth shattering problem but as recently we received a commission to write a ten minute manic pantomime based on Dick Whittington and ... yes... I just had to do it because yesterday I woke up with the script already written in my head, Goldilocks had to wait!  

What's the problem, you may ask- the ten minute panto' is finished- so I can return to 'Goldilocks'.

I would have done just that but this morning I woke up (here we go again) with the full scenario for the Crazy story of Jekyll and Hyde! (Where did that come from?) buzzing around in my head.  I had been planning to write it  and already had made notes and jotted down some ideas quite a while ago but not planned to write the text yet! I'm writing Goldilocks at the moment- aren't I?

Try as I might Jekyll and Hyde isn't going to go away! I can see the characters and hear them speak. (I'm chuckling too- yes this will be comedy- it is after all a pantomime- trust me!) Ah well, nothing for it then but to leave poor Goldilocks again and write down these crazy ideas tumbling around in my brain and fighting to get out! 

Writers block? Not really... Just too many ideas and not enough hours in the day!

Watch this space and Goldie, hang on in there, (look out for the bears) we will rescue you... and the plot!

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Written by Celia Fox — October 29, 2014


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