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Sunday 26th October... musings on the past week.

Sunday night... and it was quiet here in the Den. It usually is fairly quiet from a Crazy Fox point of view as it has been our policy generally to be twitterless and facebook free for at least one day a week. The addictive nature of social media does mean one of us might just check it out to see what 'tweeps', friends and 'followers are doing...( they're behind you!)  just in case we need to show a presence... reply or acknowledge a tweet. Maybe we just don't want to miss out on anything exciting even on a possible day off!

It has been said that theatre people don't work normal hours and days (how true!) and as many of our contacts are working on weekends it would be less than prudent not to at least 'check in'!

It is often on weekend strangely enough that we receive most requests for preview scripts and as we like to answer all emails within 24 hours it means that Sunday although quiet is in reality not really a day off (Admin' never sleeps!)

However, Sunday is often a good day to collect our thoughts on what has happened during the previous week and prepare and plan for the next week. So what has happened in the past week in the world of the pantomime mad, script writing crazy foxes? Statistics show that we had a flurry of activity on our website on Wednesday and Thursday. What was special about those days... was it in response to our promotional tweets? We hope so... and following the interest shown three more scripts were requested for preview. There are foxy fingers crossed in the Den! 

The data we reviewed this week shows that the Wizard of Oz is now the most requested script from our collection pushing Aladdin into second place. Requests for our Peter Pan script, faithful to the original story but full of fun and our trademark quirkiness, are increasing and we have received some fabulous feedback so that makes us happy!


Scripts are emailed out and often we do not hear anything for weeks, sometimes months until we think... okay, they didn't like this one but that's okay, you can't win 'em all! Only much later we find out  that a particular script has been well received after all! It's at this point we become very excited as we send out the un-watermarked scripts for copying and hard copy scripts with tech' details, song suggestions, staging and scene options and cast and scene details and know that somewhere out there a group of people, hopefully, are about to have fun producing one of our scripts and bringing it to life on stage. They sometimes send us free tickets! (Foxy grins all around!)

Script-writing activities this week have all been about working towards the completion of our latest script, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. A few late night writing sessions, furrowed brows and a few more wispy grey hairs appeared as the few remaining plot details were argued, agreed and refined. It will be finished and sent for critique reading next week. 'Oh yes it will!' (Sorry! - couldn't resist- well we are pantomime folk!) 

During the week we were commissioned to write a manic (it will be!) ten minute pantomime for four or five cast, to be part of a larger cabaret evening. We've never done this before so this should be challenging but great fun- we hope! Also this past week we have been searching for photographs of our two scriptwriters when they first met  'on stage' (where it all began!) over twenty six years ago. These photographs are to be submitted to accompany an article that may be written about us in a theatrical publication... but more about that if and when it happens. Trawling through the photographs though provided a real trip down memory lane and amidst the laughter reminded us all why we love this fabulous genre that is pantomime.



It's been a good week! 


Time for Some Updates 

It has been a while since our last blog! It isn't that we haven't been writing or commenting about life in the slightly weird world of the Crazy Fox, (Twitter followers will realise that- just look how many foxy twitterings have appeared!) we have been writing but we have been uploading all our witterings to Facebook and Twitter. 

Realising this, we began to muse about the growth of social media and the modern way of promoting a business through it by creating a platform, developing a profile and just 'putting yourself out there'!

Twitter has become a very useful tool in a raising a profile and can be a very addictive way of marketing. We are learning to become more patient and let customers come to us. That doesn't mean that we don't promote our scripts - we do. It is necessary to remain in the public eye and yet we are wary of overkill and filling up our followers' Twitter feeds with constant marketing and promoting. 

Finding that sometimes 140 characters can be limiting on Twitter we decided to develop a Facebook Page. It is possible to write more on Facebook (which in itself might not necessarily be a good thing!)

In learning these new skills in using social media we found out how to share specific Facebook ramblings by creating a link to Twitter, thus not being constrained by the140 characters. Don't you just love this modern technology?

While we have been spending time playing with media we haven't forgotten that our primary purpose is to create a website to display and market all our pantomime scripts. Nor have we been idle in the development of new scripts. 

The Jack and the Beanstalk script was completed and as soon as it was available it was previewed and selected as the pantomime choice for a group in Suffolk. We wish them well with it. 

The new script of The Princess and the Pea was written, critiqued and recently made available on the website and Goldilocks and the Three Bears is nearing completion. The Story of Pinocchio and the The Little Match Girl are in early planning stages but will be written and available at the end of 2014 or early 2015. 



(It's becoming easy to see why we have had less time to be writing blogs on the website!)

There are now thirteen available scripts and three more coming soon. We are looking forward to seeing five of our scripts in production this season so far (I hope we get tickets!)  and all scripts have been requested for preview so we have our fingers crossed! We love it when one of our scripts comes to life on stage and although some may choose not to use one of our scripts, that's fine too... you can't please everyone!

So all is exciting and busy in the world of the Crazy Fox! Oh... just remembered- Must pop on Twitter and Facebook and tell them the news!


Written by Celia Fox — September 29, 2014


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