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Two new scripts on their way!

A new script of Jack and the Beanstalk has just been completed, albeit in first draft to add to our other new script of Aladdin. It has been a busy time with little respite from being tied to the lap-top. Our script writer has become a mouse potato which is the modern internet media obsessed answer to a couch potato!

It is time for a very necessary break from script writing . It really does help to step away from it for a while to go out and exercise a little or take a walk or two. Both scripts need careful re-reading and editing but not yet! It is difficult to be objective when you have had to be so subjective in such an intense way for a long time.

We know from experience that when we return to the scripts we will find errors, plot holes, maybe so large you can drive a truck through. (We hate it when that happens!) There may be characters that are under developed or whose motivation is a clear as mud. It happens too. The script that we first thought was so funny, cleverly plotted and exciting suddenly can seem very raw and incomplete. The point is not to panic. We tell ourselves : It’s our story... it can be fixed and we are the ones to do it! And we will... later.

A well planned script will have had rewrites and been shared with 'critical' readers, edited and refined. If it hasn't then you can bet your bottom dollar it isn't ready to be launched to the wider world.

Of course while we are waiting to be able to complete these scripts we could take that well needed break by starting to write Peter Pan! 

'Oh yes we could!'

Watch this space!



Written by Celia Fox — February 17, 2014


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